Following the international travel and tourism recommendations and the World Health Organization guidelines, Your Travel Nation has compiled a list of the already implemented protocols in our destinations, which will be in place during the operation of our programs.

We are ready to deliver a safe experience to you by guaranteeing the best practices in our operation.

In case you still have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at or call us on +1 757 656-3391

Where can I travel to?

Updated: November 21, 2022

Fully open without restrictions:


















Sri Lanka

South Africa

South Korea





Open for travel with required COVID-19 testing:



Indonesia / Borneo



Victoria Falls

Entry is restricted:

China / Tibet

The information is based on USA passport holders, traveling from the US and is fully vaccinated for at least 2 weeks prior to traveling.

Information is provided as guidance only and is accurate at the time of publishing. Always check government websites and airline materials before booking and traveling.

What precautions should I take before departing?

Before departing, you should check the current travel protocols for the country of origin and destination, both for departure and return;
A PCR test is still mandatory for most destinations prior to arrival and is highly recommended to rule out any COVID-19 infection. Most countries still require you to show your PCR test upon arrival, regardless of your vaccination status;
We also recommend that you have Health & Travel Insurance that covers COVID-19;
We recommend that in crowded places you still wear a face mask as it's required in most destinations;
We will keep you updated on any changes by the national authorities in your country of destination while you are in the country.

What protocols do airports and airlines take?

Both airports and airlines are trying to reduce the spread of COVID-19 by implementing protocols and guidelines to follow.
We would recommend not to travel to the airport with people who are not travelling;
A PCR might be required to enter the terminal and/or will be required for check-in and boarding;
It's mandatory to use face masks and some airlines even require a face shield as well;
Hand sanitizers are spread across the airport;
Some airports might as well check your temperature before entering;
Social distancing indicators and should be followed;
There is an occupancy limit at shops and lounges and some lounges are temporarily closed;
Follow the airline's staff's boarding instructions to avoid social gatherings;
Potentially no food service on board;
We recommend you minimize interactions between other passengers and movement in the plane;
Use of hand sanitizers while on board.

What precautions does your team take on the ground?

As all our tours are privately guided, you are already travelling in a safe bubble. However, our guides and drivers, and local staff will also follow local and company guidelines.Temperature checks;
Our guides and drivers will use face masks in vehicles and attractions;
They will try to avoid physical contact with passengers;
Social distancing guidelines will be followed by our staff (unless safety is jeopardized);
Our staff will make constant use of hand sanitizers;
Our staff will encourage constant hand washing and disinfection;
Disinfection of commonly held elements: handles, doors, windows;
Your vehicle will be cleaned and disinfected at the beginning and end of each transfer/excursion/day;
Our team will avoid using the A/C while in the vehicles and will encourage you to open your windows instead;
The separation between the driver and passenger area.

How am I assured of a safe environment in my accommodation?

Since the pandemic started, many accommodations have taken precautions and we only work with hotels that can ensure our passenger safety.
Some of the precautions taken are:
Reduced occupancy limits in public areas and social distancing;
There is a possibility that recreational areas such as pools, spas, and gyms are temporarily closed;
The staff at the accommodation will alert passengers to use face masks;
Hand sanitizers can be found in the public areas of the accommodation;
Temperature checks before checking in;
Online and/or advanced check-in procedures to speed up registry process at the hotel;
Disinfection of luggage, bags, and electronic equipment;
Respect social distancing indicators;
We request you to follow the hotel staff's sanitary instructions.

Can I still go out for dinner while travelling?

While many restaurants are opening up again around the world, we can most definitely book you a table again at your favorite restaurant in Cape Town, Lima or Tokyo. However, we still recommend you comply with the local hygiene and sanitation guidelines.
There might be a reduced occupancy in restaurants so we recommend booking in advance, which we can take care of. You might be able to only book certain time slots, but we will notify you about the available time slots and plan your itinerary accordingly;
We recommend you use a face mask while moving around in the restaurant;Some accommodations may decide to only work with a-la-carte menus to avoid lines at the buffet;
A few accommodations may pack your breakfast or offer room service which is also recommended especially during busy times like breakfast time.

What happens if I suspect a COVID-19 infection while on tour?

If you are travelling and you start feeling sick we will take the necessary precautions and book a test appointment at the nearest health centre.Your guide will also pay close attention in case you are presenting symptoms of COVID-19 during your trip. In case any of the passengers present any symptoms, we will isolate and transfer you to the nearest health centre. The passenger is requested to comply with the necessary isolation measures and might be treated depending on your condition and test results. The rest of the passengers will be taken immediately to the hotel and tested at their own expense in order to rule out the infection of COVID-19.Kindly note: all expenses are for the traveller and that's why we recommend you have health and travel insurance that includes COVID-19 before travelling.